Sunday, December 30, 2007


As we enter the New Year, we are often drawn to ponder the age-old questions; "What did I do last year that will make a difference?", "What can I promise myself this year that I can manage" and of course "how HUGE am I going to get before this baby decides to come out!" ...oh wait...that last one is JUST ME!
So...I am gargantuan...and loving it...except for the fact that walking is a very limited pastime for me now. Apparently, I have reached that size where total strangers feel comfortable enough to express their shock and disbelief that my "due-date" is still weeks away, and not weeks-ago. I was sitting in wait to use the restroom at a restaurant yesterday in fact, and when I stood up from my chair, a woman in line gasped "DAMN! When are you due!?". I replied "a few more weeks"...she says "I don't think your gonna make it!". LOL. Thankfully, if there is one thing I'm NOT sensitive about it's my pregnant size. I'm SUPPOSED to be huge. If I wasn't, my baby might be sickly or something. Not to say that is always the case...but at least we KNOW it's not. I can safely expect a HUGE healthy the long line of HUGE healthy babies that our family has had on both sides. Even Rob, who was premature, was over 5 lbs! Had he gone full term he probably would have been at least 9 pounds.
I will post a picture when we get home. We are spending New Years in Vermont; a nice relaxing one where the "activities" included a country drive, a small venture through a few shops and the daily romp of our dog LeeLoo and the two ferrets competing for the "most annoying pet ever!" award. We're either getting our toes nibbled off or there is incessant barking at the parade of squirrels taunting our puppy through the glass doors. Mostly, it's just relaxing to be here...with
the two feet of snow on the ground, and the comments and looks my way if I squirm uncomfortably; "Just don't go into labor!". Apparently I've reached THAT point. LOL...I'm a walking TIME BOMB!!!! WHOOHAHAHAHAHAA!
I just need one more do a little more shopping. I have a handful of things that we still need for the birth and baby...then we're all good! ONE MORE WEEK! If i get more than that...okay.
I am at 37 weeks we're in the clear either way.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


NOPE! It's just me! I am quite "jolly" at this point as you can see, and moving around gets more and more humorous as the day goes on, but I'm loving it. The last few weeks are almost a BLUR. Between "OMG it's December!" and "We have SO MUCH to do before January" and "OMG It's CHRISTMAS IN A WEEK!"...we are completely drowning in decorations, baby things and just plain stuff. Both Rob and I have been using every second we have...when we can clean, rearrange and/or re-organize. It feels like we're having a big party..that is meant to last...oh...20 years or so...and I have to clean up for it. It's a good way to look at it though, because somehow, when we have had parties and such, our home ends up spotless and completely overhauled JUST IN TIME. It seems to be the way of it. I have planned this week almost down to the minute...and so far, things are going well. We now have a painted AND cleaned nursery ready to go! We'll have furniture on Wednesday and then, I can get started on the "fun" part (putting away baby things and decorating!).
I'm looking forward to the week of holiday festivities and sweets...but I will morn the absence of Eggnog in my diet this year as raw egg is a no-no during pregnancy. Runny yolks are on the TOP of my February eating list, next to Sushi and Brie...though not all in one meal. That would be foul. Okay....I'm tired and I've got some laundry to fold so I'm off. :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shower Pic

My favorite picture from our Baby Shower; us adorned in our celebratory floral gear - made by my mother- and all happy and stuffed with some of the best food ever!
(Thank you Blue Moon Cafe!)
We are still receiving gifts from people in the's so wonderful to have one less thing to worry about purchasing with every ring of the bell, though I do love to shop :)

I am feeling especially HUGE these days, and my waddle has gone over the edge. Rob is now determined to find me a Penguin costume to wear. I've reached the point where people hear that I'm not due until January and they are rooting for a 10 pounder. Dear God.
In other Baby News:
We have been attending Bradley Labor classes every Monday, and our last one is next week. I'm sad that It's almost over, though as Rob loved to point out, I already knew most of what we've learned. Apparently research is something I retain well. The real purpose of the class was to focus BOTH of us in on the task at hand and in that we have succeeded. We have a couple of fun videos to watch this week and chapters to read and lists to make...but all in all, we have learned a lot together. We've managed to come together on all of the major and potentially controversial decisions surrounding having a baby in our current medical culture and as hoped for, Robert has become my best advocate; something that I believe a husband needs to be...other than willing to put my socks on for me in the morning...since I can no longer reach my feet.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Baby Shower

What a great weekend I had. The entire weekend was about family and support, and a whole lot of presents. It is such a wonderful thing to be surrounded by friends and family, just when you are starting to reach "beached whale" status and be doted upon and cared for so well. (BIG THANKS and HUGS to everyone by the way!). We now have a stash of adorable clothes and usefull baby things that I can't wait to organize and put in their place.
After this Thanksgiving weekend, the BIG OVERHAUL begings. The moving things and painting things and decorating things, both baby AND for the winter holidays. I vowed to decorate ASAP so as to enjoy and not be stressed by it later when bending is even more challenging.
Sadly, our baby furniture will not be in for a little while and co-sleeper is on backorder (accross the entire INTERNET) so we MIGHT have it in time for the baby.
We are feeling the urgency now, of "A BABY IS COMING" and I am carefuly planning our remaining appointments, house projects and holiday tendings (Of which seem MORE stressful than every before). Time seems to be slipping away though it's just as exciting as it is scary.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Hair and such...

I am at that stage where people are constantly asking "how do you feel"? It's funny though how some of the people ask because they have been there, and others ask because they are wondering what it's like to be pregnant. I feel fine...but I have moments where Rob thinks I am possessed. My "baby" weighs on me sometimes and I need to sit down for a bit. It's amazing really. Half the time, I could forget that I'm pregnant becasue I just go about my day, but It's not that I "forget", it's that the baby has become such a part of me (other than literally) that I don't notice so much now. I love being pregnant, even when I have my tired days and my achy days...and my "yelling at my husband for no rational reason" days. I got my hair cut finally. I should have gone in August when my dead ends started in...but I didn't. Some dear friends got me a gift card to my salon for my birthday (GREATEST GIFT EVER) so I could have my hair done. It's so much better now; no fuss no muss. here is a picture most of you have probably seen. Us at a Halloween party in the costumes I made us. I'm so proud. TUMMY POWER!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Birthday Belly!

So, I am officially 28 years old and officially 28 weeks along. This past week has been a slew of party-planning, cleaning and illness. Rob and I came down with something around Tuesday last week...and we both progressed into something different. He had chills and nausea and I had an upper respiratory infection. I persevered through the week to make sure my Halloween/Birthday gathering was still possible, and for the first time, I heeded my darling husbands request that I "simplify things". I only made 2 deserts instead of 4 and I only decorated with the things that come down as easily as they go up.
In all the hoopla through the week, I managed to not have time or resources to make the costume for myself that I wanted, and a month of scouring the Internet turned up nothing resembling what I wanted. I was hoping to use my hugeness to fill out a GIANT CANDY CORN costume. Sadly, no such thing exists anymore, though I swear I've seen them in the past. Instead, Rob and I donned our most Halloween infested clothing; orange Halloween PJ pants and bright orange T-shirts. Mine read "This is my costume" and his, "I don't do costumes".
:) It was a fair compromise since I don't fit into anything else. I am going to a post-Halloween party this coming weekend however, and I am going to try and track down an adult size Care Bare costume. Something tells me that a pregnant me would make a good Care Bear. LOL...and at 50-75% off who can loose!

We're all feelin' better now, though I am at the tail end of my cough. I am impressed that I got through it without my trusty NyQuil (too strong for baby)...the only drug I ever take if I'm sick and can't sleep. This time, it was all tea and rest...the best medicine really. I figured, If I was going to wake up to pee anyway, I might as well be peeing and coughing.
In other Baby news...
our baby has been kicking up a storm! Rob finally felt it...since I've been the only one who could up until now. We got to see my tummy jump a few times too;the strange "Alien" effect that one witnesses while carrying a child. I think I was awakened last night once or twice by it.
It's so weird and cool at the same time.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Return from disney world!

We have returned! A glorious 8 days in Orlando, Florida has left us with raised spirits and a slight tan. We walked and rode and boated our way through the Walt Disney parks all week and I made three whole days before needing one of those little ride-on motor cars. My ankles swelled every day but went down again at night...not painful or anything just annoying and unattractive. "Cankles", as they have come to be known, when paired with a handicapped mobile are not so great for the self esteem, but when your husband won't stop taking pictures of you carting your huge self around MGM studios and spouting how cute you helps a little. :) That and the access to the quick entrances to the rides! I am glad to be back however, with TONS to do around the house and a clock ticking on many things...including how long I can tie my own shoes. I had to buy a pair of clogs and crocks...and thank god I did...because NONE of my shoes fit me in Florida by day 2 except my crocks; large foam cloggy shoes that slip on and weight nothing. Silly to the eye, GREAT for the feet. Created by sailors I think...because they float and dry easily...but you have to vent out your feet every now and then, lest they get sweaty and hot. More pictures will be sent out on our Shutterfly at some point..but we have way too much to do this week to get them posted now. After all, we took over 1000 photographs. Yes...the curse of the digital camera in the hands of 2 impulsive-hyperactive-disney freeks. Well, here is a little disney-cuteness for trying on hats no day one. Formal belly shot is in there somewhere!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Painful legs and wallets

So...apparently if I don't sleep in just the right position, I wake up with a "charlie horse".
OW!!!! HOLY OW!!!
I still have residual cramp...and it's been an entire day. I am grateful of one thing though...I have been known to do well with little sleep, though I am not a morning person (nor have I ever been). In my high school/college years, 4 or 5 hours was enough for me. I do need the standard 8 to be a full-functioning adult now, however, I can get the 8 sporadically over the course of a day and still be all right. :)
I wake up's call...around 2:30am...then again around 5:00 am ...then somewhere between 7:30 and 9:00am. If I get back in bad at that point, Lee Loo (our black lab mutt puppy) will wake me up with begging to play and/or bring her outside so she can roll around in the grass for 5 hours. I think it's all nature's way of prepping me for the inevitable "baby needs to eat", "baby is all wet", "baby needs to be held"...NOW.

I went shopping today and got a bunch of great maternity clothes, though I have not had the need to thus far...since my dear friend Shanon lent me the entirety of the "MATERNITY STASH". We figure, we'll collect our mutual stash, and share it between us for subsequent children. Give or take a few inches here or the world of Maternity wear, we are clothing sisters. It has already saved me HUNDREDS of dollars.
I did however, raid Target's stash of nice Maternity stuff...but mostly the ('s odd but true) the Junior section!
The designers at Target apparently have decided, much to my surprise and contentment, that the baby-doll look of the 1960's is in this year...and so there are TONS of great, fitted top/loos rib-cage shirts and dresses! PERFECT for half the "maternity" price. Great for me. I did have to get a Maternity coat however, because I had NOTHING warm that fit over my belly...and there is a certain amount of fabric and design needed to accommodate such an appendage. The coat is big and I will look like Mrs. Claus...but I love it.
New pic to come. I've been slackin'.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nonno would be proud...

Last night, I felt the first official "kick" from the baby. Apparently, along with new found energy of the baby...I get bouts of insomnia. I get up to pee around 2:35am...and I lay in bed...and I stay there...awake...adjusting my position...until 6:30am.
Rob gets up for work...I'm already up.
THEN I go back to bed and go to sleep until 9:30am.
This has happened twice now, but if it keeps happening I know it's the baby messing with me.
So, in all my weird non-sleepness, I felt a kick in my gut; like I was a kettle drum and a little performer on the inside was taking his shot.
According to my books, the baby weighs about 1 pound and is about 1 foot long.
That's a lot of baby! It's scary to think how much BIGGER it's going to get...and THEN come out.
This whole thing is still surreal.
I should go watch that video remind me that I'm not just having a drawn-out bout of indigestion.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Let the betting begin!

I have just added a poll to this blog. Please make sure you go to the official website:
and scroll down to the bottom of the blog.
There is a poll for you to guess if our baby will be a boy or a girl.
I'll see if we can have prizes for the winners!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bigger by the second...

So I think I've actually become aware of the moments when I'm "growing". I can almost feel my stomach expanding...and then the next day, someone will say "'ve gotten bigger since yesturday!" It's quite validating actually.
I'm exclusivly in Maternity garb now, though t-shirts still fit, they make me look fat not pregnant..unless they're fitted.
I feel little kicks now, but nothing that I can say "Oh, feel over here and the baby will kick". It's more just little jabs and flutters at me from the inside.
I started a Prenatal Yoga class on Wednesday, and I'm looking forward to that every week. Rob and I start our Bradley labor class soon too, so It's full speed ahead on the whole "baby" thing.
I actually got Rob to go to Babys'RUs with me today to pick out some of the more important baby things we need. He hates shopping, so it was a feet to be there for over an hour scanning things and deciding on colors and such. He then "tested" out a comfy chair for me...for 30 minutes.
I was happy to run around and look at little baby things.
It's amazing and kinda sad how the consumer end of the deal helps to make it so real. Looking at little hats and little blankets makes having a baby come to case the video of our unborn child didn't do it! The consumerism is the part that I can partake in now I guess, so it's a feeling of control...or at least a feeling of inclusion. That's especially why I thought Rob had to go pick stuff out with me, even if he doesn't care about color co-ordination.
The men can't feel the baby kick them or making thier body change, reminding them of the upcoming responsibilities and events. Including them in all the planning of the material world and the birth itself is the best way to knock the reality of it into them.
Hearing the heartbeat is what got Rob started. Ever since that, he's been in "protection mode".
I can't shreik at a mesquito without him rushing to my side ready to kill my attacker or asist me in whatever perril has befallen me. (not sure if "befallen" is a word...but heck, this is my blog!)

Okay...i'm going to have some juice now.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sonogram from June!

Here it is!
Cut and paste the Youtube link below to see our baby's sonogram from June. The baby is twice this size now...but it's still an amazing thing to see.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Thursday, August 30, 2007

20 week belly picture!

Here is my "20 week belly shot".
I have found that although I am generally a person who photographs well, I have become quite UN-photogenic since this baby has taken up residence. It's not my belly or anything that I have a problem's just that whatever angle Rob takes a phot face looks huge and round. Not to say that my face isn't round in shape, because it always has's just particularly ROUND...and full. It's not really though...just in pictures! I hate that.
I'm used to looking the way I look in pictures. Now, I'm all "that's not me" and I feel like it's an excuse..but It's not!
Grr...I have to get someone else to get a picture of me. I think it's my husbands angles that stink :P~

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Sorry...this doesn't actually pertain to HUMAN babyness..but I found some GREAT pics of my kittycats..and I HAD to include them.

HOWEVER...Rob and I went to get our 20 week sonogram yesturday...and it was AMAZING. Sadly there is no video of that one..BUT hopefully tomorrow, I should have a video of the one from June posted. Rob had to convert it so we could put it on YouTube.
Things are good...stressfull few weeks but I'm getting back on track with housework and organizational stuff.
More pics to come!

Friday, August 24, 2007

There's a baby in there!

I am really FEELING pregnant now. I havn't really felt movement yet, but I feel like my organs are shifting. I actually feel tired walking around but in a weird way. I'm not sleepy..just tired. My belly gets a little achy and pulls downward. I feel more confident about how I look. The more pregnant I look the better I feel. It stinks to be at that inbetween stage...where you just have a gut you can't suck in.
Things seem to be moving fast. Tomorrow, I'll be at 20 weeks. I have an appointment for Monday with our new Midwife and Thursday is "THE BIG SONOGRAM"...the one that is 45 minutes long and examines all the organs and whatnot.

I just hope we don't see anything that we're not supposed to...if there is something to see...that would tell us if it's a boy or girl. I really don't' want to know before the birth.
Between being in serious nesting mode and having a borderline shopping problem, it's kinda good not knowing that the adorable dress I saw in the store is something I could justify.
Not knowing means I can focus on the now; cleaning, preparing, making appointments, starting yoga, starting labor classes...etc.
LOADS to do...but I'm thrilled and excited.

I'll take a new picture tomorrow...I'm going to try and take one each Saturday.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

19 weeks now...

As of yesturday, I am 19 weeks along.
Rob and I went to the wedding of one of my childhood friends last night and it was quite the event. We had a good time and we got to see people we've not seen in years. The happy couple had a beautiful Jewish wedding at the Merchant Marine Academy in Great Neck so it was a very spiffy afair. Rob got me a "cause I love you and your having my baby" gift to wear to the wedding; a three string pearl neckalce. :)
SO beautiful. I thought it fitting since we'll be married 3 years this September.
I posed for this picture specifically to show my current belly status. I looked better than the picture reflects however, as it does not show my fancy hairdo too well. :(
I did it all up and curly...quite the "Jane Austen" style.
hm...maybe I'll put the pic of my hair up to!

Feeling good. No movement yet...though I poked myself in the tummy the other day and I thought I felt a fluttering reverb answering.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
And here are Lona and Jason Werner!!! Gettin' hitched!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

18 weeks...

SO wow...18 weeks along now...going on 19.

In case I didn't make this known...because I don't know how much is known anymore...
We are staying on Long Island for the duration of the pregnancy and birth...probably until June of 2008 at least. I need to NEST!
I have a visible belly when I wear anything clinging...and it's hot out so flowing fabric is NOT suggested anywho.
I feel good, though the occasional leg cramp in the morning and cyatic pain after 3pm is not fun. I am doing a lot of physical acitivity, cleaning house and preparing my "nest". It's addictive.
I'm not pushing it too much though...Rob yells at me if I lift anything or talk about lifting it helps compensate for my impulse to lift things.
I have tapped the greatest resource a house-wife/WAHM-to be ever had...THE FLYLADY.
BEST THING EVER...espeically for us ADHD folk. It's the most organized and simple way to make yourself structure your housework. Things are broken down into zones and weeks and it keeps me on task (most of the time). Otherwise, I would start in the kitchen and end up in the cellar and they would all be a little more clean but not really. Now, my kitchen is almost spotless, the Living room is much better (though I need rob to move on that "moving heavy stuff" thing) and I am up to the dining room/office today. No more no less. This way I dont' get burned out and I don't wander off.
I am getting better about stopping to eat though. My appetite is kicking in. I want dairy ALL the time. I drink Oveltine like it's going out of style and yogurt is my best friend.
I had someone ask me last night about a baby registry..which was exciting. If people are asking, then it must be getting closer huh?
AKK! I went to look at baby furniture yesterday and the guy reminded me that orders should be 3 months prior to when you need the stuff, since it takes time to come in. Makes just means I should order the Paint Rob can get busy.
It's so weird...I hate having to shurk off all the fun work like painting and assembly on to him, but I just can't do it. Thankfully, It's non-toxic paint, so it will be minimal damage to his lungs too. :) Things are moving.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Tie-Dye and Exxon I heard it stated a few times...that when you are pregnant, you may "experience some gas or indigestion". Um...can we say GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR???
I am now past the "exhausted and weak" stage and have moved full force into the "everything I eat makes me a methane hazard" zone. Fortunately, I have the babe as an excuse...though until I am "showing" to all who see me, I am just a chunky person who smells funny :P

This week is "Tie-Dye" week at the camp I am working this summer, so I have an obscene stock of white things to dye, including T-shirts, a work shirt for Rob, a tank top, a baby hat, baby onesies (long sleeved and short for a few ages) and a bandanna for LeeLoo. :)
I am hoping to make a "family set" that we can be "THOSE PEOPLE".
I have seen that bright matching Tie-Dye makes a good family portrait.
It's so nice to have my energy back again..though I am still as temperature sensitive as ever.
The humidity really gets to I sit in the air conditioned nurse's office at least 3 or 4 times a day to de-stickify. She and I have a great routine now. I keep her company and she lets me lay down on the little beds and drink all the juice. :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

15 weeks along...and here we go!

Greetings all!
Rob and I are expecting our first baby in January of 2008! My sister encouraged me to start this blog upon reading that of some close friends of hers. I only hope we can be as interesting and humorous as they were through their baby adventures!

So far...I have had a relatively uneventfull pregnancy. Save for the occasional mood spurt (ie: screaming at my hubby for no discernible reason) and a 3 month bout of exhaustion (ie: feeling the need for a nap by 11am...instead of usual 11pm!) Mother Nature has been kind to this first-time mother-to-be.
I seem to be the only one who thinks I'm "Showing"...though my mother claims to be able to tell. I only hope that this bulgy tummy (which is really just my pre-existing tummy minus any and all muscle control) is not how the masses perceived me prior to my new found state. It's as if all that "sucking in" we are trained to do as women in the US is instantly negated...and it just HANGS OUT. It's quite liberating..because I have the confidence of the "I'm PREGNANT!" card to play. I find myself cradling my tummy to compensate. Sometimes as a comforting impulse, but occasionally as a pre-emptive "this is not just fat!" signal. Who would cradle their gut unless there was something really cute growing in there?

Anywho...things are good right now.
We are busy making big plans for big things...and I'm reading almost non-stop on any and every topic one might imagine needing to read about regarding infant issues and the birthing process. I have 4 books that I keep in the car...for alternate reading, 3 in the bathroom (these consist of 1 baby name book, 1 product review book and 1 overall pregnancy info book), 3 on my "already read before we conceived" shelf and 5 in a stack next to the bed.
This is new for me.
The whole pregnancy, child birth-women's issues-controversial choices in the US-thing always had a slight appeal, but as soon as the real prospect of wanting and having a child hit me, I became a research scientist on a quest.
I am now seriously considering at least a part-time career in the birth education field at some point in my life. I figure, after I do it...then I can start with the teaching and whatnot. Perhaps a few years after my little ones start school.

Okay then...first entry.
:) Happy Carla?

This is my 14week belly shot pic...really...there is a baby in there!
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It's strange how a hard spot where there was a soft spot makes your pants fit funny.
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