Thursday, August 30, 2007

20 week belly picture!

Here is my "20 week belly shot".
I have found that although I am generally a person who photographs well, I have become quite UN-photogenic since this baby has taken up residence. It's not my belly or anything that I have a problem's just that whatever angle Rob takes a phot face looks huge and round. Not to say that my face isn't round in shape, because it always has's just particularly ROUND...and full. It's not really though...just in pictures! I hate that.
I'm used to looking the way I look in pictures. Now, I'm all "that's not me" and I feel like it's an excuse..but It's not!
Grr...I have to get someone else to get a picture of me. I think it's my husbands angles that stink :P~

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1 comment:

Carla said...

You are too cute my Neester! I think you just look happy... maybe you see extra roundness, but that just may be extra smilingness ... and maybe that only happens with Rob... don't know, but you look great and happy to me! Can't believe the difference a few weeks makes for baby belly! Can't wait to see you next week :-)