Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Birthday Belly!

So, I am officially 28 years old and officially 28 weeks along. This past week has been a slew of party-planning, cleaning and illness. Rob and I came down with something around Tuesday last week...and we both progressed into something different. He had chills and nausea and I had an upper respiratory infection. I persevered through the week to make sure my Halloween/Birthday gathering was still possible, and for the first time, I heeded my darling husbands request that I "simplify things". I only made 2 deserts instead of 4 and I only decorated with the things that come down as easily as they go up.
In all the hoopla through the week, I managed to not have time or resources to make the costume for myself that I wanted, and a month of scouring the Internet turned up nothing resembling what I wanted. I was hoping to use my hugeness to fill out a GIANT CANDY CORN costume. Sadly, no such thing exists anymore, though I swear I've seen them in the past. Instead, Rob and I donned our most Halloween infested clothing; orange Halloween PJ pants and bright orange T-shirts. Mine read "This is my costume" and his, "I don't do costumes".
:) It was a fair compromise since I don't fit into anything else. I am going to a post-Halloween party this coming weekend however, and I am going to try and track down an adult size Care Bare costume. Something tells me that a pregnant me would make a good Care Bear. LOL...and at 50-75% off who can loose!

We're all feelin' better now, though I am at the tail end of my cough. I am impressed that I got through it without my trusty NyQuil (too strong for baby)...the only drug I ever take if I'm sick and can't sleep. This time, it was all tea and rest...the best medicine really. I figured, If I was going to wake up to pee anyway, I might as well be peeing and coughing.
In other Baby news...
our baby has been kicking up a storm! Rob finally felt it...since I've been the only one who could up until now. We got to see my tummy jump a few times too;the strange "Alien" effect that one witnesses while carrying a child. I think I was awakened last night once or twice by it.
It's so weird and cool at the same time.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Return from disney world!

We have returned! A glorious 8 days in Orlando, Florida has left us with raised spirits and a slight tan. We walked and rode and boated our way through the Walt Disney parks all week and I made three whole days before needing one of those little ride-on motor cars. My ankles swelled every day but went down again at night...not painful or anything just annoying and unattractive. "Cankles", as they have come to be known, when paired with a handicapped mobile are not so great for the self esteem, but when your husband won't stop taking pictures of you carting your huge self around MGM studios and spouting how cute you are...it helps a little. :) That and the access to the quick entrances to the rides! I am glad to be back however, with TONS to do around the house and a clock ticking on many things...including how long I can tie my own shoes. I had to buy a pair of clogs and crocks...and thank god I did...because NONE of my shoes fit me in Florida by day 2 except my crocks; large foam cloggy shoes that slip on and weight nothing. Silly to the eye, GREAT for the feet. Created by sailors I think...because they float and dry easily...but you have to vent out your feet every now and then, lest they get sweaty and hot. More pictures will be sent out on our Shutterfly at some point..but we have way too much to do this week to get them posted now. After all, we took over 1000 photographs. Yes...the curse of the digital camera in the hands of 2 impulsive-hyperactive-disney freeks. Well, here is a little disney-cuteness for ya...me trying on hats no day one. Formal belly shot is in there somewhere!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Painful legs and wallets

So...apparently if I don't sleep in just the right position, I wake up with a "charlie horse".
OW!!!! HOLY OW!!!
I still have residual cramp...and it's been an entire day. I am grateful of one thing though...I have been known to do well with little sleep, though I am not a morning person (nor have I ever been). In my high school/college years, 4 or 5 hours was enough for me. I do need the standard 8 to be a full-functioning adult now, however, I can get the 8 sporadically over the course of a day and still be all right. :)
I wake up for...um...nature's call...around 2:30am...then again around 5:00 am ...then somewhere between 7:30 and 9:00am. If I get back in bad at that point, Lee Loo (our black lab mutt puppy) will wake me up with begging to play and/or bring her outside so she can roll around in the grass for 5 hours. I think it's all nature's way of prepping me for the inevitable "baby needs to eat", "baby is all wet", "baby needs to be held"...NOW.

I went shopping today and got a bunch of great maternity clothes, though I have not had the need to thus far...since my dear friend Shanon lent me the entirety of the "MATERNITY STASH". We figure, we'll collect our mutual stash, and share it between us for subsequent children. Give or take a few inches here or there...in the world of Maternity wear, we are clothing sisters. It has already saved me HUNDREDS of dollars.
I did however, raid Target's stash of nice Maternity stuff...but mostly the (yes...it's odd but true) the Junior section!
The designers at Target apparently have decided, much to my surprise and contentment, that the baby-doll look of the 1960's is in this year...and so there are TONS of great, fitted top/loos rib-cage shirts and dresses! PERFECT for maternity...at half the "maternity" price. Great for me. I did have to get a Maternity coat however, because I had NOTHING warm that fit over my belly...and there is a certain amount of fabric and design needed to accommodate such an appendage. The coat is big and red...so I will look like Mrs. Claus...but I love it.
New pic to come. I've been slackin'.