Monday, July 23, 2007

Tie-Dye and Exxon I heard it stated a few times...that when you are pregnant, you may "experience some gas or indigestion". Um...can we say GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR???
I am now past the "exhausted and weak" stage and have moved full force into the "everything I eat makes me a methane hazard" zone. Fortunately, I have the babe as an excuse...though until I am "showing" to all who see me, I am just a chunky person who smells funny :P

This week is "Tie-Dye" week at the camp I am working this summer, so I have an obscene stock of white things to dye, including T-shirts, a work shirt for Rob, a tank top, a baby hat, baby onesies (long sleeved and short for a few ages) and a bandanna for LeeLoo. :)
I am hoping to make a "family set" that we can be "THOSE PEOPLE".
I have seen that bright matching Tie-Dye makes a good family portrait.
It's so nice to have my energy back again..though I am still as temperature sensitive as ever.
The humidity really gets to I sit in the air conditioned nurse's office at least 3 or 4 times a day to de-stickify. She and I have a great routine now. I keep her company and she lets me lay down on the little beds and drink all the juice. :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

15 weeks along...and here we go!

Greetings all!
Rob and I are expecting our first baby in January of 2008! My sister encouraged me to start this blog upon reading that of some close friends of hers. I only hope we can be as interesting and humorous as they were through their baby adventures!

So far...I have had a relatively uneventfull pregnancy. Save for the occasional mood spurt (ie: screaming at my hubby for no discernible reason) and a 3 month bout of exhaustion (ie: feeling the need for a nap by 11am...instead of usual 11pm!) Mother Nature has been kind to this first-time mother-to-be.
I seem to be the only one who thinks I'm "Showing"...though my mother claims to be able to tell. I only hope that this bulgy tummy (which is really just my pre-existing tummy minus any and all muscle control) is not how the masses perceived me prior to my new found state. It's as if all that "sucking in" we are trained to do as women in the US is instantly negated...and it just HANGS OUT. It's quite liberating..because I have the confidence of the "I'm PREGNANT!" card to play. I find myself cradling my tummy to compensate. Sometimes as a comforting impulse, but occasionally as a pre-emptive "this is not just fat!" signal. Who would cradle their gut unless there was something really cute growing in there?

Anywho...things are good right now.
We are busy making big plans for big things...and I'm reading almost non-stop on any and every topic one might imagine needing to read about regarding infant issues and the birthing process. I have 4 books that I keep in the car...for alternate reading, 3 in the bathroom (these consist of 1 baby name book, 1 product review book and 1 overall pregnancy info book), 3 on my "already read before we conceived" shelf and 5 in a stack next to the bed.
This is new for me.
The whole pregnancy, child birth-women's issues-controversial choices in the US-thing always had a slight appeal, but as soon as the real prospect of wanting and having a child hit me, I became a research scientist on a quest.
I am now seriously considering at least a part-time career in the birth education field at some point in my life. I figure, after I do it...then I can start with the teaching and whatnot. Perhaps a few years after my little ones start school.

Okay then...first entry.
:) Happy Carla?

This is my 14week belly shot pic...really...there is a baby in there!
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It's strange how a hard spot where there was a soft spot makes your pants fit funny.
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