Monday, January 21, 2008

some more pictures...

Now that we've had a little time to settle in...I wanted to post a few more pictures from Gabriel's Birthday :)

<---This one is my favorite from "Labor Land". It's a little blury, but I think it makes it more artistic. I was relaxing in the little birth pool that our midwife loaned us (AMAZINGLY helpful in case anyone is contemplating using one). It just relaxes muscles and allows you to be weightless for a little while...something any pregnant woman will appreciate at the end...let alone while having contractions.

Here, we are taking in our little angel :)
This is within 20 minutes of him being born...I think...time is a little wonky after you have a baby...

What day is it again?

And below is the proud pappa! Rob can even swaddle like a pro now!

more photos to come...and perhaps a more thorough update!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


It's a boy!

After a very intense 40 hours…we have a baby!

Yes folks, on January 12th, at 5:57pm I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy:

Gabriel Edward Kimball

8lbs 2oz

21 inches long

There is a long and detailed version of the story that you'll get to hear in due time upon request, but to sum up:

Our son was born, at home with the assistance of a professional midwife, a doula, an honorary doula/best friend, husband/coach and my mother. Somehow, by the grace of the universe, we managed a natural child-birth in the most comfortable setting imaginable. Within minutes of his birth, I was sitting in my own bed holding him and surrounded by love. I am still on a cloud and I have no concept of time, so forgive the slight delay…I have been a little sore and resting whenever possible.

We're all doing great (sleep deprivation aside) and all is well with the world.

Love to all and we're looking forward to sharing him with you all,

Annette and Robert (Bobby)

…and Gabriel