Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nonno would be proud...

Last night, I felt the first official "kick" from the baby. Apparently, along with new found energy of the baby...I get bouts of insomnia. I get up to pee around 2:35am...and I lay in bed...and I stay there...awake...adjusting my position...until 6:30am.
Rob gets up for work...I'm already up.
THEN I go back to bed and go to sleep until 9:30am.
This has happened twice now, but if it keeps happening I know it's the baby messing with me.
So, in all my weird non-sleepness, I felt a kick in my gut; like I was a kettle drum and a little performer on the inside was taking his shot.
According to my books, the baby weighs about 1 pound and is about 1 foot long.
That's a lot of baby! It's scary to think how much BIGGER it's going to get...and THEN come out.
This whole thing is still surreal.
I should go watch that video remind me that I'm not just having a drawn-out bout of indigestion.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Let the betting begin!

I have just added a poll to this blog. Please make sure you go to the official website:
and scroll down to the bottom of the blog.
There is a poll for you to guess if our baby will be a boy or a girl.
I'll see if we can have prizes for the winners!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bigger by the second...

So I think I've actually become aware of the moments when I'm "growing". I can almost feel my stomach expanding...and then the next day, someone will say "'ve gotten bigger since yesturday!" It's quite validating actually.
I'm exclusivly in Maternity garb now, though t-shirts still fit, they make me look fat not pregnant..unless they're fitted.
I feel little kicks now, but nothing that I can say "Oh, feel over here and the baby will kick". It's more just little jabs and flutters at me from the inside.
I started a Prenatal Yoga class on Wednesday, and I'm looking forward to that every week. Rob and I start our Bradley labor class soon too, so It's full speed ahead on the whole "baby" thing.
I actually got Rob to go to Babys'RUs with me today to pick out some of the more important baby things we need. He hates shopping, so it was a feet to be there for over an hour scanning things and deciding on colors and such. He then "tested" out a comfy chair for me...for 30 minutes.
I was happy to run around and look at little baby things.
It's amazing and kinda sad how the consumer end of the deal helps to make it so real. Looking at little hats and little blankets makes having a baby come to case the video of our unborn child didn't do it! The consumerism is the part that I can partake in now I guess, so it's a feeling of control...or at least a feeling of inclusion. That's especially why I thought Rob had to go pick stuff out with me, even if he doesn't care about color co-ordination.
The men can't feel the baby kick them or making thier body change, reminding them of the upcoming responsibilities and events. Including them in all the planning of the material world and the birth itself is the best way to knock the reality of it into them.
Hearing the heartbeat is what got Rob started. Ever since that, he's been in "protection mode".
I can't shreik at a mesquito without him rushing to my side ready to kill my attacker or asist me in whatever perril has befallen me. (not sure if "befallen" is a word...but heck, this is my blog!)

Okay...i'm going to have some juice now.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sonogram from June!

Here it is!
Cut and paste the Youtube link below to see our baby's sonogram from June. The baby is twice this size now...but it's still an amazing thing to see.

Part 1:

Part 2: