Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nonno would be proud...

Last night, I felt the first official "kick" from the baby. Apparently, along with new found energy of the baby...I get bouts of insomnia. I get up to pee around 2:35am...and I lay in bed...and I stay there...awake...adjusting my position...until 6:30am.
Rob gets up for work...I'm already up.
THEN I go back to bed and go to sleep until 9:30am.
This has happened twice now, but if it keeps happening I know it's the baby messing with me.
So, in all my weird non-sleepness, I felt a kick in my gut; like I was a kettle drum and a little performer on the inside was taking his shot.
According to my books, the baby weighs about 1 pound and is about 1 foot long.
That's a lot of baby! It's scary to think how much BIGGER it's going to get...and THEN come out.
This whole thing is still surreal.
I should go watch that video remind me that I'm not just having a drawn-out bout of indigestion.

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