Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gabriel and the Christmas Tree...

While waiting to get the holiday photos from my friend Michelle - who took a trillion and one pics of Gabriel last weekend...I decided to attempt a few with my camera at night.
I love how some of them came out...however arsty (aka: blurry and such) ...but they capture the wonder of Christmas in so many ways I think.
Just wanted to share.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OMG...he's almost 1yearold!!!!

So...I thought it might be nice to blog some more about Gabriel...our little boy. Anyone who bothers to read this has probably seen the flickr pics, Youtube videos and the plethora of other stuff I send out...and if you haven't then WELCOME to the ever flowing stream of stay at home mom pride that I shall be flooding you with! :)
Gabriel is crawling, cruising, clapping, dancing (in place), climbing, waving and constantly trying to talk. No walking yet...but we don't need to rush that one...he'll be climbing on top of the refridgerator soon enough. :) We just took our christmas photos...but the Mall Santa one's are not a go...he cried...a lot. 10 photos of him screaming...not fun. We'll try again later this week when he's in a better mood. He just doesn't like men with beards! He cried at Grandpa Crow too! :( Teething is a trial. He won't eat very much these days...but he nurses like a fiend for the comfort and all. He spends a lot of the time trying to bite things and chewing on his finger. I'm glad that we don't remember the teething stage in our conscious minds...that must really stink. Okay...I'm off to have a few hours of sleep. There will be a holiday update as cute things happen...stay tuned!