Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Birthday Belly!

So, I am officially 28 years old and officially 28 weeks along. This past week has been a slew of party-planning, cleaning and illness. Rob and I came down with something around Tuesday last week...and we both progressed into something different. He had chills and nausea and I had an upper respiratory infection. I persevered through the week to make sure my Halloween/Birthday gathering was still possible, and for the first time, I heeded my darling husbands request that I "simplify things". I only made 2 deserts instead of 4 and I only decorated with the things that come down as easily as they go up.
In all the hoopla through the week, I managed to not have time or resources to make the costume for myself that I wanted, and a month of scouring the Internet turned up nothing resembling what I wanted. I was hoping to use my hugeness to fill out a GIANT CANDY CORN costume. Sadly, no such thing exists anymore, though I swear I've seen them in the past. Instead, Rob and I donned our most Halloween infested clothing; orange Halloween PJ pants and bright orange T-shirts. Mine read "This is my costume" and his, "I don't do costumes".
:) It was a fair compromise since I don't fit into anything else. I am going to a post-Halloween party this coming weekend however, and I am going to try and track down an adult size Care Bare costume. Something tells me that a pregnant me would make a good Care Bear. LOL...and at 50-75% off who can loose!

We're all feelin' better now, though I am at the tail end of my cough. I am impressed that I got through it without my trusty NyQuil (too strong for baby)...the only drug I ever take if I'm sick and can't sleep. This time, it was all tea and rest...the best medicine really. I figured, If I was going to wake up to pee anyway, I might as well be peeing and coughing.
In other Baby news...
our baby has been kicking up a storm! Rob finally felt it...since I've been the only one who could up until now. We got to see my tummy jump a few times too;the strange "Alien" effect that one witnesses while carrying a child. I think I was awakened last night once or twice by it.
It's so weird and cool at the same time.

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