Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Hair and such...

I am at that stage where people are constantly asking "how do you feel"? It's funny though how some of the people ask because they have been there, and others ask because they are wondering what it's like to be pregnant. I feel fine...but I have moments where Rob thinks I am possessed. My "baby" weighs on me sometimes and I need to sit down for a bit. It's amazing really. Half the time, I could forget that I'm pregnant becasue I just go about my day, but It's not that I "forget", it's that the baby has become such a part of me (other than literally) that I don't notice so much now. I love being pregnant, even when I have my tired days and my achy days...and my "yelling at my husband for no rational reason" days. I got my hair cut finally. I should have gone in August when my dead ends started in...but I didn't. Some dear friends got me a gift card to my salon for my birthday (GREATEST GIFT EVER) so I could have my hair done. It's so much better now; no fuss no muss. here is a picture most of you have probably seen. Us at a Halloween party in the costumes I made us. I'm so proud. TUMMY POWER!

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