Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shower Pic

My favorite picture from our Baby Shower; us adorned in our celebratory floral gear - made by my mother- and all happy and stuffed with some of the best food ever!
(Thank you Blue Moon Cafe!)
We are still receiving gifts from people in the mail...it's so wonderful to have one less thing to worry about purchasing with every ring of the bell, though I do love to shop :)

I am feeling especially HUGE these days, and my waddle has gone over the edge. Rob is now determined to find me a Penguin costume to wear. I've reached the point where people hear that I'm not due until January and they are rooting for a 10 pounder. Dear God.
In other Baby News:
We have been attending Bradley Labor classes every Monday, and our last one is next week. I'm sad that It's almost over, though as Rob loved to point out, I already knew most of what we've learned. Apparently research is something I retain well. The real purpose of the class was to focus BOTH of us in on the task at hand and in that we have succeeded. We have a couple of fun videos to watch this week and chapters to read and lists to make...but all in all, we have learned a lot together. We've managed to come together on all of the major and potentially controversial decisions surrounding having a baby in our current medical culture and as hoped for, Robert has become my best advocate; something that I believe a husband needs to be...other than willing to put my socks on for me in the morning...since I can no longer reach my feet.