Tuesday, December 18, 2007


NOPE! It's just me! I am quite "jolly" at this point as you can see, and moving around gets more and more humorous as the day goes on, but I'm loving it. The last few weeks are almost a BLUR. Between "OMG it's December!" and "We have SO MUCH to do before January" and "OMG It's CHRISTMAS IN A WEEK!"...we are completely drowning in decorations, baby things and just plain stuff. Both Rob and I have been using every second we have...when we can move...to clean, rearrange and/or re-organize. It feels like we're having a big party..that is meant to last...oh...20 years or so...and I have to clean up for it. It's a good way to look at it though, because somehow, when we have had parties and such, our home ends up spotless and completely overhauled JUST IN TIME. It seems to be the way of it. I have planned this week almost down to the minute...and so far, things are going well. We now have a painted AND cleaned nursery ready to go! We'll have furniture on Wednesday and then, I can get started on the "fun" part (putting away baby things and decorating!).
I'm looking forward to the week of holiday festivities and sweets...but I will morn the absence of Eggnog in my diet this year as raw egg is a no-no during pregnancy. Runny yolks are on the TOP of my February eating list, next to Sushi and Brie...though not all in one meal. That would be foul. Okay....I'm tired and I've got some laundry to fold so I'm off. :)

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Carla said...

I Love the perspective/analogy of cleaning up/prepping for a party that will last 20 years! That's awsome. Baby smeester is so lucky :-)

And that is the most fabulous christmas belly shot ever! You're the prettiest and cutest and happiest pregnant woman ever... and Nice framing with the door and the dog and the hat... Should totally be your card, but you'd have to get Rob in there too.

Congratulations on getting the nursery cleaned up too!

HUGS and looking forward!