Sunday, December 30, 2007


As we enter the New Year, we are often drawn to ponder the age-old questions; "What did I do last year that will make a difference?", "What can I promise myself this year that I can manage" and of course "how HUGE am I going to get before this baby decides to come out!" ...oh wait...that last one is JUST ME!
So...I am gargantuan...and loving it...except for the fact that walking is a very limited pastime for me now. Apparently, I have reached that size where total strangers feel comfortable enough to express their shock and disbelief that my "due-date" is still weeks away, and not weeks-ago. I was sitting in wait to use the restroom at a restaurant yesterday in fact, and when I stood up from my chair, a woman in line gasped "DAMN! When are you due!?". I replied "a few more weeks"...she says "I don't think your gonna make it!". LOL. Thankfully, if there is one thing I'm NOT sensitive about it's my pregnant size. I'm SUPPOSED to be huge. If I wasn't, my baby might be sickly or something. Not to say that is always the case...but at least we KNOW it's not. I can safely expect a HUGE healthy the long line of HUGE healthy babies that our family has had on both sides. Even Rob, who was premature, was over 5 lbs! Had he gone full term he probably would have been at least 9 pounds.
I will post a picture when we get home. We are spending New Years in Vermont; a nice relaxing one where the "activities" included a country drive, a small venture through a few shops and the daily romp of our dog LeeLoo and the two ferrets competing for the "most annoying pet ever!" award. We're either getting our toes nibbled off or there is incessant barking at the parade of squirrels taunting our puppy through the glass doors. Mostly, it's just relaxing to be here...with
the two feet of snow on the ground, and the comments and looks my way if I squirm uncomfortably; "Just don't go into labor!". Apparently I've reached THAT point. LOL...I'm a walking TIME BOMB!!!! WHOOHAHAHAHAHAA!
I just need one more do a little more shopping. I have a handful of things that we still need for the birth and baby...then we're all good! ONE MORE WEEK! If i get more than that...okay.
I am at 37 weeks we're in the clear either way.

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Mich said...

traveling at 37?? a row?:)

you are much braver than I, I stopped taking long trips at 5 months:)

I know what you mean about doing everything closer to the date-it all gets done magically:)

We're going in at 5am on Wednesday-ahh love the smell of caesarean in the morning..:)

Happy New Year and I can't wait to see your new one:)