Wednesday, August 15, 2007

18 weeks...

SO wow...18 weeks along now...going on 19.

In case I didn't make this known...because I don't know how much is known anymore...
We are staying on Long Island for the duration of the pregnancy and birth...probably until June of 2008 at least. I need to NEST!
I have a visible belly when I wear anything clinging...and it's hot out so flowing fabric is NOT suggested anywho.
I feel good, though the occasional leg cramp in the morning and cyatic pain after 3pm is not fun. I am doing a lot of physical acitivity, cleaning house and preparing my "nest". It's addictive.
I'm not pushing it too much though...Rob yells at me if I lift anything or talk about lifting it helps compensate for my impulse to lift things.
I have tapped the greatest resource a house-wife/WAHM-to be ever had...THE FLYLADY.
BEST THING EVER...espeically for us ADHD folk. It's the most organized and simple way to make yourself structure your housework. Things are broken down into zones and weeks and it keeps me on task (most of the time). Otherwise, I would start in the kitchen and end up in the cellar and they would all be a little more clean but not really. Now, my kitchen is almost spotless, the Living room is much better (though I need rob to move on that "moving heavy stuff" thing) and I am up to the dining room/office today. No more no less. This way I dont' get burned out and I don't wander off.
I am getting better about stopping to eat though. My appetite is kicking in. I want dairy ALL the time. I drink Oveltine like it's going out of style and yogurt is my best friend.
I had someone ask me last night about a baby registry..which was exciting. If people are asking, then it must be getting closer huh?
AKK! I went to look at baby furniture yesterday and the guy reminded me that orders should be 3 months prior to when you need the stuff, since it takes time to come in. Makes just means I should order the Paint Rob can get busy.
It's so weird...I hate having to shurk off all the fun work like painting and assembly on to him, but I just can't do it. Thankfully, It's non-toxic paint, so it will be minimal damage to his lungs too. :) Things are moving.

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