Sunday, August 19, 2007

19 weeks now...

As of yesturday, I am 19 weeks along.
Rob and I went to the wedding of one of my childhood friends last night and it was quite the event. We had a good time and we got to see people we've not seen in years. The happy couple had a beautiful Jewish wedding at the Merchant Marine Academy in Great Neck so it was a very spiffy afair. Rob got me a "cause I love you and your having my baby" gift to wear to the wedding; a three string pearl neckalce. :)
SO beautiful. I thought it fitting since we'll be married 3 years this September.
I posed for this picture specifically to show my current belly status. I looked better than the picture reflects however, as it does not show my fancy hairdo too well. :(
I did it all up and curly...quite the "Jane Austen" style.
hm...maybe I'll put the pic of my hair up to!

Feeling good. No movement yet...though I poked myself in the tummy the other day and I thought I felt a fluttering reverb answering.

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And here are Lona and Jason Werner!!! Gettin' hitched!
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Carla said...

YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! My glowing lavendar sneester and baby-belly :-) Can't believe what a difference a few weeks makes. You look awsome and happy (and nice hairdo too).
Love and hugs!