Friday, August 24, 2007

There's a baby in there!

I am really FEELING pregnant now. I havn't really felt movement yet, but I feel like my organs are shifting. I actually feel tired walking around but in a weird way. I'm not sleepy..just tired. My belly gets a little achy and pulls downward. I feel more confident about how I look. The more pregnant I look the better I feel. It stinks to be at that inbetween stage...where you just have a gut you can't suck in.
Things seem to be moving fast. Tomorrow, I'll be at 20 weeks. I have an appointment for Monday with our new Midwife and Thursday is "THE BIG SONOGRAM"...the one that is 45 minutes long and examines all the organs and whatnot.

I just hope we don't see anything that we're not supposed to...if there is something to see...that would tell us if it's a boy or girl. I really don't' want to know before the birth.
Between being in serious nesting mode and having a borderline shopping problem, it's kinda good not knowing that the adorable dress I saw in the store is something I could justify.
Not knowing means I can focus on the now; cleaning, preparing, making appointments, starting yoga, starting labor classes...etc.
LOADS to do...but I'm thrilled and excited.

I'll take a new picture tomorrow...I'm going to try and take one each Saturday.

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